Pre-sales support

Our people are dedicated professionals interested in working together with our customers to find IT solutions best suited for their needs. Given best support after sales Like onsite installation, site inspection, warranty support.

Whether the situation calls for complex internetworking and non-stop enterprise computing, or for a simple computer system in a small business, we consider all needs and possibilities, and take both the present and the future into account to propose integrated, practicable and affordable solutions enabling of more effective business procedures and practices.

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Post-sales support

The combined years of study and experience of our people make it possible for us to provide quick and efficient solutions to whatever problems may arise – and it is our aim to minimize the latter from the outset. We use an anticipatory approach to solving problems, which includes regular scheduling of preventive maintenance, which results in the most trouble-free computing possible.

Axis Tech offers a wide range of customer support plans to correspond to varied customer requirements.

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