Axis Tech began operations in 2005 providing IT products, solutions and Services networking peoples’ businesses, CCTV Services and Installations, and Toner Refilling in Coimbatore. We are the best in CCTV Camera Dealers in Coimbatore and Toner refilling in Coimbatore

Ever adjusting to a changing market place, Axis Tech is focusing on its customers by offering the service. We help customers use their computers effectively. We keep them in working order and ensure that they are protected against the virus. We provide the Best Service and Installation for Closed Circuit Television Cameras in Coimbatore. We make the use of Quality inks for Toner Refilling for printers and Cartridges in Coimbatore.For the best CCTV services and Toner Refilling in Coimbatore Contact us. We help in adding the latest system to the network, see that it is configured for all services and that the new printer is properly installed and made sharable. Such needs of the customer are addressed by the hardware and software servicing we offer and Facilities Management covers this and much more.

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Our solutions’ are tailored to your requirements, combining enterprise hardware, software and services from leading manufacturers,CCTV Dealers and Toner Refilling. When customers need the best solutions for CCTV cameras and Toner Refilling we meet their requirements. With years of experience in a variety of industries, we offer these solutions to large and medium-sized public and private businesses.

the best CCTV Servivces in Coimbatore

CCTV Services

Axis Tech is the best CCTV services in Coimbatore. We provide services for all branded CCTV cameras. We do services from high defined cameras to low defined cameras.

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the best Toner Refilling in Coimbatore

Toner Refilling

Axis Tech provides the quality Toner refilling in Coimbatore. We do toner refilling for all types of printers in specified colours. Usage of high quality inks leads to best printouts.

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Hyperconverged Server

Combine storage, compute, and networking into a single system with hyper converged infrastructure (HCI). This simplified solution customs software and x86 servers to replace expensive, purpose-built hardware. With hyper converged infrastructure, you’ll cut data center complexity and rise scalability.

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Storage and Backup Solutions

Servers with x86 family designed for growth, innovation, market leadership or whatever your business goals may be. The advantage lies in its architecture.

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Network Security

We handle network and data security, risk and policy reviews, OS hardening procedures, safe use training, audits and certification support. Multi service integration We formulate integrated data, voice & video solutions.

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Email Solutions and Security

Axis Tech is committed to give high secured, fast and cost effective mail solutions to its customers since 2006. Axis Tech is business partner for netCore solutions Pvt Ltd, Mumbai who is in the email and digital marketing solutions for the past 15 years.

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